Mga Minamahal na Deboto ng Mahal na Ina ng Manaoag

Inay ko po! Nay ko po! We instinctively call our mothers when we are surprised, afraid, in pain or we simply do not know what to do. A hospice nurse in Germany observed something common among those who are dying: “Almost everyone is calling for ‘Mommy’ or ‘Mama’ with their last breath.” Our umbilical cord is our “life-line” that connected to our mothers until we were born into the world. For this reason, perhaps, we instinctively call on our mothers when our life is threatened.

On the cross Jesus looked on the Blessed Mother and gave her to John the beloved disciple, to all of us: “behold your Mother”. Mary was at the foot of the cross, present to her dying Son. Jesus gave us a Mother who will be present to us, just as Mary was present in the joyful, sorrowful, luminous, and glorious moments in the life of Jesus. As we honor Mary Our Lady of Manaoag during this Easter season in a time of pandemic, let us not forget that she is health of the sick, comforter of the afflicted and a mother of mercy. She “loves us with the same love with which she loves her Son”, the Risen One, who by his wounds , will heal us.

Maligayang kapistahan po ni Apo Baket! Manatili po tayong matatag sapagkat may awa ang Diyos!

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