Candle Gallery is the centerpiece of all the facilities around the Shrine. Now situated where the old Comfort Rooms and Canteen once stood, the Gallery was built like an open chapel where the inside and outside of its brick walls are divided by sections to house the large number of candles that are lit, and at the same time give space for each family to feel the privacy of the of their prayers.

Small and subdued lights are strategically scattered and placed around the Gallery to compliment the soft glow of candlelight. But all eyes and hearts gravitate to the center of the structure where the large image of Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaoag is placed. This serves not only as a beautiful showpiece, but as a reminder to the pilgrims of the One who intercedes for them as they light their candles in prayer. As one is greeted with 8-foot vision of divine loveliness of the image, the pilgrim will also be welcomed with the gentle sound of trickling water. A fountain was placed at the base of the image.

Here water continually cascades down the four sides of the base made of rocks guarded by four angles and then down to the clear circular pool where the pilgrim may sit and reflect. It is here by the foot of the image that pilgrims and their families take turns in having their pictures taken, a souvenir glimpse of the family in the haven of hope.